McCreary Family Dentistry Seeks Patients for Dental Hygiene Board Exam

McCreary Family Dentistry’s former dental hygienist, Megan Stickels, is looking for patients who have not received dental hygiene care in the past three years or longer. Megan is taking the ADEX Licensing Examination in Dental Hygiene in May. She is seeking people who have been diagnosed with periodontal disease and have never been treated as well as people suffering other conditions such as puffy and bleeding gums.


Megan will conduct complimentary oral-health screenings by appointment now through the month of April at McCreary Family Dentistry, 6303 N 9th Ave, Pensacola. To register, please call our office at 850-476-6329.


Megan will screen patients to determine the oral-health conditions of each individual. Participants must agree to a full set of x-rays and complete a health history form. Qualifying participants must be over the age of 20 and available May 16 - 18 for the clinical board exam (exact date to be provided upon assignment).


Megan came to McCreary Family Dentistry in 2013 as a part-time hygienist, and she quickly became someone we wanted to see more often. She was given a one-year temporary dental hygiene license when she moved to Pensacola with her husband, Trevor, who is a pilot in the Navy. When her temporary license lapsed, we asked Megan to help us in the front office while Trevor waited for his next orders. Taking this exam will allow her to get licensed in several states and continue her career as they move from station to station. We hope we are able to help Megan find a qualified patient for this exam.

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