The Onset System By Onpharma

The Team at McCreary Dentistry is committed to using the most advanced technologies to ensure our patients get the highest level of care possible.  When a patient needs to have a treatment done that involves anesthesia there can be some hesitation.  Traditional anesthesia methods can be uncomfortable due to the acidity of the injection, causing some burning and stinging sensations.  This delivery method can also takes time to be effective which can lead to longer treatment times, and potentially more shots of anesthesia.  It is because of all these factors that the team at McCreary Dentistry uses the Onset System by Onpharma.

The Onset System is a cutting edge anesthesia delivery system that allows Dr. McCreary to administer anesthesia faster, and provide the patient with more comfort.  How the system works is prior to injection the Onset System buffers the anesthesia ensuring that pH of the anesthesia is a perfect match to the patient’s body.  This means when you receive the anesthesia there is no stinging, burning, or effects from the acidity of the anesthesia. The pre-injection buffering also means that effects are almost immediate and thousands of times more effective than traditional delivery systems. The Team at McCreary Dentistry has been utilizing the Onset System for over 2 years now and have had wonderful success with it.

Our mission at McCreary Dentistry is simple, take excellent care of our patients, and when new products become available that will make our patients more comfortable we are excited to use them!  For more information about the Onset System, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. James McCreary, please give us a call at our convenient Pensacola, FL office!

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